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23 Customer Reviews

by Lester422

Sep 15, 2022

Absolutely the BEST meal meal resource available!

I love cooking new recipes and eMeals gives me an endless supply also allowing me to select by dietary preferences or other needs (like the budget friendly, kid friendly, and slow cooker categories). I have been using eMeals for over 10 years and love it!
I do wish there was a way to make notes for recipes in your favorites and I wish the shopping lists specified if it was for the main or side dish of the recipe (which would make my in-app shopping experience MUCH easier) but the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences!

by Billy Stephens

Sep 12, 2022

This makes my busy lifestyle so much…

This makes my busy lifestyle so much easier. I am not spending time looking for delicious recipes, forming a shopping list, going grocery shopping and then forgetting what recipes I had planned. I now spend minutes picking out recipes and checking items that fit into my budget. No more over spending at the grocery store. Super easy and I am so excited to now spend more time in the kitchen.

by Leona791

Sep 08, 2022

This is my first full week using emeals…

This is my first full week using emeals and the Walmart grocery function. It seems to work perfectly.....we will see how everything turns out when I pick up this afternoon. I like it. It would be AWESOME if the walmart suggestions could be modified somehow to bring up dairy free options (maybe that is a possibility and I just don't know how to use it).

by Sherry Barnett

Sep 05, 2022

Convenient way to save money.

The app has helped me plan meals and save money. I love that is drops the ingredients right into my Walmart cart.

by Frank Morris

Sep 05, 2022

Budget conscious meal planning

eMeals is great program to keep my family from blowing our budget on fast food and dining out. eMeals is helpful when you’re tired of eating the same recipes over and over. Lots of variety and recipes usually leave a little extra for leftovers for a leftover dinner night or to take to work the next day (Again, thrifty! No eating out at lunch). The only thing at this moment I wish was better is the search feature in the “favorites”. You can search key words but this is only linked to the recipe title. So if your searching for something that has chicken an ingredient, it will only find it if chicken is in the recipe name. Would really like a key word search that went to the ingredient list. Or a recipe finder based on ingredients I already have on hand.

by Ritthy Gilbert

Sep 04, 2022

My family has enjoyed the variety of…

My family has enjoyed the variety of dinners we have had the last few weeks. I always thought I didn’t like to cook but it really was that I didn’t like to plan the meals. The cooking isn’t hard when I know my family will enjoy the meal. :)

by Brett C751

Aug 31, 2022

Best investment

Love this so much so much for simple ideas and to take the work out of creating a shopping list. I’ve tried other things like this but this one is by far the most put together thought out and practical. I forget ingredients less, feel less pressure for coming up with a menu for the week, and honestly have spent way less on groceries/wasted less. Have recommended to so many family and friends already. Has helped me form a healthy relationship with food again. <3

by Nathaniel244

Aug 31, 2022

Emeals is absolutely wonderful

Emeals is absolutely wonderful! Using Emeals allows us to feed our family of 6 at home most nights rather than going through a drive thru.

by Fernandez366

Aug 30, 2022

Cancel your subscription immediately! Or you will be charged again.

CAUTION! I signed up for the year, not realizing it would auto renew at the end of that year. I got no notice of auto renewal, just a charge to my bank account. I contacted them immediately and they refused to cancel that renewal and process a refund, stating their 'terms and conditions'. If you do try emeals, I suggest cancelling your subscription immediately after paying for it, that way you can use the service and you can always easily re-new when the time comes. It seems their business model focuses on generating sales from forgotten auto-renewals. I will never be back.

Also recognize how many of their 5* reviews are 'Invited'. ie handpicked and funneled customers.

by Roberta717

Aug 30, 2022

Love this service so much. It makes cooking and shopping so easy

I really love how easy it is to shop. Im easily overwhelmed at the store and never know what to get or what to make and I love how easy it is to go and pick up groceries. Not sure if we're saving money, but i think we are.

The app could be a little better. Sometimes when I go in to do one of the recipes, then hit the back arrow, it doesn't let me see the recipes again unless I scroll down and then go to another area - it's a little weird, but still usable! I really love the service.

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